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WyPlexiglass products are very popular among many companies thinking about advertising their services and products. It is a relatively inexpensive way to present leaflets and information brochures in a unique and elegant way. Therefore, we will meet exhibitors and stands made of plexiglass in banks, shops, restaurants and service companies. What characterizes these products and why is it such a popular advertising form? An elegant presentation of a product or service. One of the cheaper forms of advertising are, of course, leaflets and information brochures. Spread out on the table without order and composition, they certainly do not make the right impression on customers. Products made of plexiglass allow you to elegantly display the offer of a company or store. Plexiglass is an extremely durable and flexible material. With advanced machining methods, you can create any and original shapes of stands and displays from this material. Usually, we will meet with colorless products, but with a small surcharge it is also possible to create colorful plexiglass products. All embellishments in the form of engravers, stickers and prints are also used here. In this way, advertising materials can be displayed in an elegant and interesting way. Customers will certainly appreciate the aesthetic value, which will affect their overall assessment of the services and products available in our offer. Popular plexiglass productsThe most popular are stands for plexiglass leaflets. We can opt for one of the universal projects or ask for a product tailored to our needs. Plexiglass stands can contain any type of printing, such as the logo of our company. On the stands it is also possible to set small products and gadgets. Similar products are also pockets for plexiglass leaflets.